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Student Films

This is a selection of films made at Embercombe by the young students on BIGetc Productions' Introduction to Film Making courses. The students devise the films themselves in supported groups working as small production teams. They direct, star in, shoot and when time allows also edit their films. Some of these are done over a three-day weekend course whereas younger groups do them in a single day!


Indians, Ninjas & Aliens: DRAMA

The Indians send signals from the rocks above the pass! But the ninjas ambush them and they have to unite to defeat the universal foe ET!

Sky News: DRAMA

The Headlines are high and the news is grave! Student take on riots, hostages and SKY.

Reservoir Deer Hunters: DRAMA

The sad story of a deer. As seen through the sights of a gun. Ah.


Little Red Riding Hood: ARTHOUSE / POETRY

Little Red Riding Hood, as written by Roald Dahl.

Experiments In Film: STOP MOTION

Experiments with film, sound and camera animation.


One day workshop for teenagers. This group devised, wrote and shot this black and white pastiche.

Agent Melanie Bond: REPORTAGE / DRAMA

Hunting the rogue spy Melanie across the estate whilst encountering the enemy and challenging them to impress us with a unique skill!

Butterfly: ARTHOUSE

This group of young girls produced this touching and reflective short film based on a quote from one of the greats. One day film making workshop.

Ole' Joe: HORROR

This group devised and shot the trailer for a fictitious horror film, pastiching the style, in one day.


This group of students have produced a few pastiches of some of the tv from today and yesteryear! One day film making workshop.

The Beginning: VARIOUS

Combined poetry, music and journalism in this short film from the first day of the students' course.

Westcountry Storytelling Festival - The Story: ARTHOUSE

The students asked a selection of the storytellers present to narrate a paragraph each of a new story without knowing anything except only the salient points of the previous teller's tale!


Hit me, Baby, One More Time: MUSIC VIDEO

A music video to Britney Spears' Hit Me, Baby.

Music Video - I Love You So Much: MUSIC

This short piece of music and the video were both composed, devised and shot in one day by the students in the video.



A short film made by the Young Leaders' Programme at Embercombe in 2011. The young people talk candidly about their lives and experiences on the programme.


This group of young students produced this short film to look at how they hope to move forward as they stand on the cusp of adulthood. One day film making workshop.


Devised and shot by youth from the Young Devon housing association and support network for youth in Devon. In this film five young men discuss their lives, hopes and fears for the future.

What Is Love?: REPORTAGE

From the one day film making workshop, these students present a light-hearted investigation into the emotion that is responsible for so much of our lives!

Sustainability In Action: DOCUMENTARY

As many of us try to lead more sustainable lives under the media's reporting of crimes to our eco systems, this group of students produced this investigative piece to challenge some of our choices.


Student group devised, shot and produced this piece of investigative journalism. From the one day film making programme.

Westcountry Storytelling Festival - Group 1: REPORTAGE

From Group 1 students at the Westcountry Storytelling Festival 2010, this film meets some of the characters around the 11th Westcountry Storytelling Festival.

Westcountry Storytelling Festival - Group 2: REPORTAGE

From Group 2 students at the Westcountry Storytelling Festival 2010, this film meets some of the characters around the 11th Westcountry Storytelling Festival.

The Deer Hunters: NATURE

Teenage film makers Columb and Isis got up early one morning to film the deer in Haldon Forest.